The Apartheid Struggle

A comprehensive footage collection featuring major events and people fighting for and against the Apartheid.

Inside Pinochet's Prisons

The media was banned from Pinochet’s prisons, but the crew behind this film managed to gain exclusive access to the Chacabuco and Pisagua camps.

Popular Unity: Chile under Allende

Incredible archive footage charting the career of Chile's first democratically elected president Salvador Allende and his downfall following Pinochet's 1973 coup.

Iranian Revolution

Short clips from the Iranian Revolution.

The Last Mile

This unique report follows Mandela's visits to Ghana, Senegal and Ivory Coast during his early 1990s African tour.

Indonesia archive

Amazing footage of Indonesia's tumultuous history: guerilla warfare against the Dutch, 1965 coup, riots, the military and presidents Sukarno and Suharto.

Colonial India

Great clips from those old days of the Raj

The Atomic Age

Incredible footage from the dawn of the nuclear age: explosions, the consequences, and the early precautions

Vietnam War

Fighting and protest from the infamous conflict

Civil Rights and Anti Vietnam War Footage

A collection of material documenting the 1960s Civil Rights movement in the USA.

The American Dream and 1950s Domestic Culture

A great selection of footage illustrating the cult of domesticity and the developing consumer culture in post-war America

World War II - archive 1

The horrors of Dachau, the Nuremburg Rally, Battle for Berlin, the end of the war in Moscow and the extraordinary home videos of Eva Braun

World War II - archive 2

From the Wolf's Lair to the Nuremburg Trials. Footage of D day, the siege of Leningrad, Tehran conference and life on German U-boats

World War II - archive 3

The China-Burma-India theatre of war including jungle warfare and refugees. Nazi invasions in Europe and the Russian drive on Berlin

World War II - archive 4

From the Nazi plan of the 1930s to the Final Solution of the death camps. Includes footage of German submarines and the fall of Berlin

World War II - archive 5

The Yalta Conference, Battle for Stalingrad, liberation of Paris and Berlin, the Hitler Youth and a plane journey with Hitler

Home Front 1

Fantastic b/w and colour footage of D day, the Battle of Britain, the Home Front and VE day celebrations

Home Front 2

Brilliant b/w and colour footage of the Blitz, the Battle of Britain, D day and the WAAF

The Great Depression

Images of the Great Depression 1900 - 1920


1930s USA - the dust bowl, depression, industrialisation and FDR campaigning

Slow Motion and Time Lapse Footage

spectacular material circa 1960s/70s including crash tests, explosions and glass shattering

Comet Accident Investigation

B&W, with commentary (poor sound quality in places), documents the landmark investigation carried out by the Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) 1954.

The Wonder Jet

B&W, with commentary; documents the story of Frank Whittle`s invention of the jet engine

Circulation Controlled Convertiplane

Colour, with commentary, circa 1960/70s; documenting research into use of vertical thrust and helo-style rotars on conventional passenger aircraft

Fifty Years Of Powered Flight

B&W, with commentary, chronicles history of powered flight in the first half of the 1900s. Emphasis on British aviation.

Project Aeronauticus

B&W, commentary by Raymond Baxter, R & D work carried out by RAE, circa 1950s

Thru Canopy Ejection Seat Trials

B&W, mute, slow-motion; Series of test runs in cockpit test rig, pilot ejecting through canopy, canopy exploding on impact, shot from four different camera angles including from above looking down; inside cockpit looking up to pilot; and side views.