Environment and Nature

HD Nature Footage

High quality HD footage of animals and insects

HD Extreme Storms Footage

Dramatic footage of extreme storms from Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Philippines

HDV Animal footage

Excellent HDV nature footage from around the world.

HD Japan footage

Beautiful array of shots of Japan's countryside and cities

HDV Ape Footage

Great footage of apes from the Central African Republic, Sumatra, and China.

Shark fishing

Collection of shark fishing footage - sharks caught in drift nets, industrial fishing, shark finning.

Animal Rights

Dramatic footage from animal rights campaigns

Whales, Whaling & Protests

Amazing footage of various species of whales and hard hitting footage of whaling around the world and protestors

Natural Disasters

Earthquakes, landslides, tsumanis: natural devastation.

Portuguese Fires

Devastating footage of the disastrous fires that swept Portugal in 2005. Includes dramatic aerial fire fighting. (SIC TV)


Air, Water and Land Pollution

Pollution Footage

Some of our best footage of land, air and water pollution from across the globe


Trees falling, rainforest clearance and devastation.

Water Crises

Floods and droughts across the world

Big Oil

Amazing footage of oil rigs, refinery interiors, burning oil fields and environmental damage from around the world


Icebergs, ice shelves and frozen landscapes

Drug Plants

Footage of opium and cocaine


Agriculture and Animal Husbandry footage