Egypt - Frontrunners for President (HD) - 12' min 02'' sec (30 April 2012)  

As the Egyptian presidential elections begin, two candidates are moving well ahead in the polls. Progressive Islamist Dr. Abel Fotoh and former regime man Amr Moussa are now leading an increasingly close race.

Dr. Abel Fotoh has a broad range of support, crossing old political divisions in Egypt. One follower describes how, "Liberals support him. Islamists endorse him. Lots of political parties support him". But rival Amr Moussa has a well-funded and prominent campaign. Although for many he is a 'felool', a remnant of the old corrupt regime, his popularity is growing. As the campaign gets underway, the one thing everyone agrees on is that this election is critical to Egypt's troubled transition to democracy.

Reed Lindsay and Jihan Hafiz


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