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France - Moving Right - 16' min 08'' sec [14 May 2012]

France's anti-immigration right wing gaining ground

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National Front leader Marine Le Pen achieved record support during France's 2012 elections. This report from that time offers a potent insight into why her extreme views have continued to gain followers.
"I think we will come to power within a few years. The whole of Europe is becoming aware of the loss of our values." Le Pen's anti-EU, anti-immigration stance found many sympathetic ears during France's Presidential campaigns. "We have surprised everyone with the coherence of our views", Le Pen insists, as membership of the Youth Wing of the party has surged.

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USA - License To Kill - 17' min 54'' sec [14 May 2012]

Protests rage across US over Zimmerman acquittal

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The Trayvon Martin murder case has divided America, raising questions about Florida's controversial 'Stand Your Ground' law. Can justice ever be served on the street? When does self-defence become murder?
"I feel like we're back in the wild, wild West", says Bonnie Baker, who lost her 21-year-old son in similar circumstances to the Trayvon Martin murder. The right to bear arms has long divided opinion in the United States, but Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' gun law has been especially controversial, allowing people to use lethal force if they feel threatened, and not just in their own homes. The shooter doesn't even have to prove that they were acting in self-defence; it is up to the police to prove that they didn't. Since it was introduced in 2005, the rate of justifiable homicide has almost tripled: Trayvon's parents aren't alone in their grief and anger. Homicide prosecutor Brian Cavanagh believes that "there is no justice when we have a law like this". Similar gun laws apply in more than 20 states in the US and most cases are never prosecuted. Is this "law for law-abiding citizens" literally letting people get away with murder?

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Honduras - Gang Stigmata - 24' min 25'' sec [14 May 2012]

Hondurans caught in violent frontline of new US drug war

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As America employs increasingly aggressive strategies in its war on drugs, Hondurans suffer the consequences of rising violence in their country. But what about those who wish to escape their violent pasts?
Drug gang activity has taken its toll in Honduras; a country declared as having the highest murder rate in the world. In Tegucigalpa, gang members are marked men and women, their violent pasts recorded across their bodies. For those trying to quit, these tattoos are inescapable associations. As former "bandida" Sherry explains, "here, for wearing a tattoo, youngsters die on a daily basis." Although there is only one expert in tattoo removal in Honduras, he has given hope to thousands trying to escape their past. For Sherry, the motivation to break away from gang violence is the fear of passing on the legacy: "My kids should not have to endure what I have endured."
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Libya - Playground War - 16' min 50'' sec [14 May 2012]

Libya struggling to be ready for landmark elections

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Although the Libyan revolution is over, divisions still run dangerously deep in Sirte. Nowhere is this more damaging than in the school playground, where young friends are now sworn enemies.
Sarah is too scared to attend school after being bullied by her pro-Gaddafi peers. "My classmates came and insulted me for singing the new anthem." Many former friends are now opponents as they fight proxy wars for their parents' views in the ongoing political battle in Sitre. Trying to resume their lives amid the ruins, many are deeply traumatised by their experiences of the revolution and are struggling to move past the violence they witnessed. "I dreamt our house had been hit and I saw all my family dead."
Susan Schulman

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