Norway - Mourning a Massacre - 6' min 05'' sec (25 July 2012)  

One year ago horror struck a quiet Norwegian island, as Anders Breivik gunned down 77 teenagers. This moving report looks at one Kurdish family's experience and how they’ve coped with the aftermath of the tragedy.

"She wanted to be a journalist, or a lawyer. But she didn't get the chance", Bano's mother cries. Bano Rashid and her sister were both camping on Utoya when Anders Breivik went on his horrifying killing spree. Whilst her sister managed to escape, Bano was shot and killed. "Bano's funeral was a nice symbol of multiculturalism. It showed we can all live together", her father says proudly. Yet whilst the community have rallied around Bano's family, nothing can ease the pain of watching her classmates graduate, without their daughter there. "We went through so much. We are still."

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