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Iraq - Diyala's Dark Days - 16 min 27 sec [20 August 2012]

Iraq on brink of civil war as violence surges

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As Al-Qaeda once again ramps up its operations in Iraq, we go to their heartland. Featuring videos of their attacks and mothers forced to encourage their sons to be suicide bombers, it's a vision we hoped Iraq had moved on from.
"We are speeding now because Al-Qaeda is in the area. They stop the cars and slaughter people with a knife", the guide says as he drives through Diyala. The police chief claims that Al-Qaeda is defeated, but recent bombings and continuous findings of weapons caches say otherwise. "She kept pushing me to wear explosive belts", one boy tells the police. His mother weeps as she claims that she was coerced to give her sons up as suicide bombers.

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Myanmar - Press Freedom? (HD) - 26' min 21'' sec [18 June 2012]

Obama to make historic trip to Burma

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As part of its reforms Burma has been releasing its imprisoned journalists. Their stories offer a glimpse into the frightening world of those who kept going despite torture and regular imprisonment.
"I lay there naked as they kicked me in the back" , recalls one journalist. Despite the fact that new freedoms have been transforming Burma, he is still followed by the man who tortured him. For the moment Burma's journalists don't know when the tables may be turned again. "People still have many doubts as to whether these changes really are genuine and irreversible".

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Syria - Inside Syria's War - 21' min 27" sec [2 August 2012]

UN's Syria observer mission ends amid Eid bloodshed

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This powerful exclusive is the first film to access the Free Syrian Army's secret labyrinth of caves and also holds a rare interview with the FSA leader. A fascinating insight to how the battle for Syria is being fought.
In Syria's increasingly violent war, rebels have used local knowledge to great advantage. Their 3,000 year-old caves are now of huge strategic importance. "The army besieged us many times and we always slipped through." But local knowledge only gets them so far as they struggle against the full force of Assad's regime. As one failed test run of a home-made mortar shows, they don't have much to work with. They are disheartened by months of fighting without help. According to one rebel, "America and Europe simply hide behind the Russian veto. They lie to us." Even the head of the FSA, Colonel Riad al-Assad, cannot maintain morale. As the situation worsens and rebel groups plea for guidance, he is running out of ideas.

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Brazil - Orchestra of Dreams - 13 min 37 sec [20 August 2012]

Brazil plans huge stimulus package for Rio 2016

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As all eyes turn to Brazil and Rio 2016, it's a time of optimism for a country blighted by poverty. Its biggest favela is now playing host to a unique musical institute that is bringing hope to thousands.
"Music's transformed my life", says Denise. A keen violinist and member of the Sinfonica Heliopolis, Denise is part of a very special musical endeavour. Born and raised in the slums and now performing in one of the nation's most beautiful conference halls, it provides an escape from a life of poverty that few could have imagined. "I know I will succeed in life, even with my parents not believing in me. One day they will see."

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