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Myanmar - Press Freedom? (HD) - 26' min 21'' sec [18 June 2012]

Obama to make historic trip to Burma

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As part of its reforms Burma has been releasing its imprisoned journalists. Their stories offer a glimpse into the frightening world of those who kept going despite torture and regular imprisonment.
"I lay there naked as they kicked me in the back" , recalls one journalist. Despite the fact that new freedoms have been transforming Burma, he is still followed by the man who tortured him. For the moment Burma's journalists don't know when the tables may be turned again. "People still have many doubts as to whether these changes really are genuine and irreversible".

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Egypt - Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (HD) - 5' min 47'' sec [18 June 2012]

Egyptian military strengthens power through soft coup

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In less than 24 hours, Egypt's ruling military junta has tightened its grip on power. Dealing a crushing blow to the country's transition to civilian rule, it's a move that could see a return to revolution.
"They want to steal our revolution", protestors shout. In a return to martial law, Egypt's highest court has ruled recent parliamentary elections partially invalid. The court has effectively dissolved the newly elected parliament and handed legislative powers to the military council until new parliamentary elections. When the court's rulings were finally announced, protesters erupted in anger, with chants ringing out against the military junta and its pro-military candidate Ahmed Shafiq. But many activists say that another massive uprising will be the last line of defence against a complete military takeover. "It's going to be very hard for all Egyptian people. This ruling means the military is coming back."
Reed Lindsay and Jihan Hafiz

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Greece - On The Breadline - 9' min 50'' sec [18 June 2012]

Greece begins bailout coalition talks

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With youth unemployment at 50%, the elderly losing their assets and ever-growing numbers going hungry, you don't need to wander far on the streets of Athens to witness the impact of Greece's debt crisis.
"All the rulers are dirty" cries one man as he awaits his turn at the local food distribution centre."What else are those thieves going to take? They've stolen everything." It is this level of desperation that is felt across the debt-stricken country. A once-thriving shipping trade has virtually vanished, with queues of former workers lining the streets for the chance of a last minute shift. Tourism too is under threat. With all these difficulties, it is not hard to find a growing anti-European sentiment from its people. As one man argues, "they prefer to watch people eat from the garbage. The EU is simply a union of corporations and banks".

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Japan - The Fukushima Syndrome - 22' min 33'' sec [3 October 2011]

Japan ignores mass opposition to restart nuclear plants

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Japan has always been addicted to nuclear power, but since the tsunami old certainties have been washed away. As the PM approves restarting two nuclear reactors, this report explores the ground-level concerns.

"The safety myth about nuclear power plants has been sunk deeply into people's hearts - but that lie has been exposed", says anti-nuclear filmmaker, Hitomi Kamanaka. Yet Japan is the world's third largest consumer of electricity and many people still feel there's no choice but to accept nuclear power, including Yoshihiko Noda. As the debate continues to rage across the country, it threatens to divide the population.
ABC Australia

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