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Afghanistan - Girl Power - 25' min 37'' sec [19 March 2012]

Shadow of Taliban still hangs over Afghani women

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In war-weary Afghanistan women are still sold to pay debts and brutalized by family members. This report exposes the full horror of their plight and introduces the brave women combating the injustice.
Even in Afghanistan amidst endless unfolding horrors, the case of a 15-year-old girl named Sahar Gul shocked and ashamed many Afghans as they saw images of her brutalised body. The teenager was imprisoned and tortured at the hands of her husband's family, because she refused to become a prostitute. She was cut, burned with cigarettes, beaten to a pulp and many of her fingernails were ripped out. She was barely alive when police found her. "It's not just Sahar, there could be many more we're not aware of." Even after the ultra-misogyny of the Taliban has retreated into isolated pockets, women in Afghanistan are desperately downtrodden. "I think when you are born a woman in Afghanistan you are taught every day to hate yourself. Women don't respect themselves." But across town, another teenager refused to look away. And, as an Australian TV producer working in Afghanistan points out, she is not alone. "I see now a generation of amazing young women, determined to make a change." This is a confronting but ultimately inspiring story of emerging female power in Afghanistan.
ABC Australia

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Spain - The Next Domino - 14' min 18'' sec [19 March 2012]

Violent protests against Rajoy's cuts plague Spain

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As the Spanish government continues to push through deep cuts, dissent has erupted again. This report follows the rise of the protest groups and reveals a people who have lost all faith in the system.
There is anger and defiance on the streets of Madrid as demonstrations against the government's austerity cuts get bigger and bolder. It's an image that has been replayed many times over in recent months. One group call themselves 'I Don't Pay', a movement that has grown out of Spain's deepening economic crisis. Every week there are thousands of job losses and property evictions, but this group aim to put a stop to them. "We will never, ever, allow banks or anyone at all to take our families' homes". Yet whilst some are fighting back with protests, others, like the infamous Enric Duran, are seeking radical changes to a system that has crippled the nation financially. "We need to act on and generate alternatives to capitalism". Both groups, along with many others that now define Spain, have all lost trust in those who run the country and do not hold much hope for the future.

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Uganda - Hunting Kony - 11' min 13'' sec [19 March 2012]

KONY2012 filmmaker buckles under media spotlight

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Reporter Aaron Lewis has been tracking Kony for years. The first Western journalist allowed to join the Ugandan army on the hunt, he revisits his journey in light of the controversial Kony2012 sensation.
The UPDF has been hunting Joseph Kony since long before the notorious KONY 2012 video. According to Captain Mohammed, "I have always been after him since 1986, when Kony's offensive began". Thought to be only a day behind Africa's most wanted criminal, they encounter his recent victims on a regular basis. Kony seems to know whenever the men are gaining ground and goes to great lengths to conceal his trail: "the only power he has left is the ability to escape". He's certainly a difficult man to find but can a handful of US advisers or the political will of 100 million Western viewers make the difference?

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India - Prostitutes of God - 29' min 40'' sec [5 March 2012]

Illegal religious system fuels India's booming sex trade

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Behind a nation being rapidly developed and globalized lies a society where religion, superstition and old traditions still validate sex trafficking. This report exposes the sordid Devadasi tradition.
Traditionally the Devadasi were highly respected girls who dedicated themselves to the goddess Yellamma. However, over time prostitution became a part of their vocation and is now forced upon them."Their families think if they get a female chld, 'Ok, how can we work this liability into an asset?'". Today's horrifying result is a system that exploits religious belief to turn children into sex slaves. "I never thought whoring would become my profession", one girl cries.
Vice Media Inc

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France - The Burqa Battle - 23' min 00'' sec [3 May 2010]

Has multiculturalism failed in France?

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Sarkozy's burqa ban re-wrote the rule book for assimilation politics in Europe. But with elections on the way and the current halal meat controversy, did his hard line on Islam simply fuel religious tensions?
In the previous elections Sarkozy lost serious ground to the far right and many saw the burqa ban as an attempt to salvage those votes. Yet the ban also had a lot of support from many high profile Muslims. The Imam of Drancy argued, "the burka is an Afghani phenomenon. Afghan equals Taliban. Taliban equals terrorism." With halal meat the hot topic of next month's election campaigns, has Sarkozy been too dangerously divisive towards France's Islamic population?
ABC Australia

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