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USA - Attack of the Drones - 26' min 06'' sec [23 April 2012]

Yemeni locals living in fear of US drone strikes

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They can move together in swarms, build towers, dance, throw and catch, assess targets and soon will even make their own decisions. As drones develop fast, are we heading for an uncontrolled arms race?
The US air force are now training more 'desk pilots' than traditional pilots, raising concerns that war is becoming "just a big computer game", allowing pilots to kill a few Al Qaeda fighters and then go home for dinner. Nathan Wessler, a civil rights lawyer, argues that the US using drones to kill targets in countries like Yemen, despite not being in a state of war with them, could lead to serious repercussions. "It is really a dangerous precedent. The technology of drones is not that complicated and there are dozens of nations developing it."

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Spain - The Next Domino - 14' min 18'' sec [19 March 2012]

Violent protests against Rajoy's cuts plague Spain

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As the Spanish government continues to push through deep cuts, dissent has erupted again. This report follows the rise of the protest groups and reveals a people who have lost all faith in the system.
There is anger and defiance on the streets of Madrid as demonstrations against the government's austerity cuts get bigger and bolder. It's an image that has been replayed many times over in recent months. One group call themselves 'I Don't Pay', a movement that has grown out of Spain's deepening economic crisis. Every week there are thousands of job losses and property evictions, but this group aim to put a stop to them. "We will never, ever, allow banks or anyone at all to take our families' homes". Yet whilst some are fighting back with protests, others, like the infamous Enric Duran, are seeking radical changes to a system that has crippled the nation financially. "We need to act on and generate alternatives to capitalism". Both groups, along with many others that now define Spain, have all lost trust in those who run the country and do not hold much hope for the future.

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Libya - Lawless Land - 17' min 38'' sec [23 April 2012]

Divided Libya awaits election results amid ongoing violence

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Vote counting is now underway following Libya's first democratic election post-Gaddafi. But can this really mark a new beginning for a country still bitterly divided and unable to control its unruly militias?
Libya's power vacuum has been filled by heavily armed rebels who still control much of the war-torn nation. Mohammed Swehli, a commander of one of the major Misratan Rebel Brigades, denies the widespread allegations of torture and abuse. "We're not bandits". This report gained rare access to the prisons where thousands are being held indefinitely without charge. "They beat me with electric cables", one prisoner tells us. Stuck in a quagmire of lawless infighting, what does the future hold for post-election Libya?

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Venezuela - Holy Thugs - 12' min 38'' sec [23 April 2012]

Venezuela's criminal culture permeates religious worship

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In the dangerous city of Caracas, people are worshipping dead criminals. Do these flawed figureheads offer genuine comfort to troubled communities or is this unusual spiritualism encouraging more violence?

Saint Ismael Sanchez is the top saint of the Holy Thugs, a religious cult that combines Catholicism and Spiritualism. "He helped the poor a lot, people say he used to steal but it was only for his neighbourhood". For many around Venezuela, these fallible saints are a realistic answer to the crime and violence that plague their communities. "No religion is going to tell me there is something totally good or totally evil". However, 14000 people were killed in Venezuela last year, so is this really the perfect solution to an imperfect situation? Or is it a troubling trend which is sanctioning the growing crime rate? "A lot of people come and ask for someone to be killed".
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Liberia - The Cannibals' War - 11' min 00'' sec [1 August 1996]

Charles Taylor verdict to be decided on Thursday

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With the verdict of the ICC trial of Liberian dicator Charles Taylor due this week, this report exposes the cannibalistic atrocities committed by Taylor's men and also offers a rare interview with him.
One of the worst accusations facing Charles Taylor is that he encouraged cannibalism. This film forms part of the case against him on this count."You cook it like normal soup with black pepper, onions, seasoning, everything to make the soup real nice", says a young boy brandishing a human heart. Charles Taylor dismisses the accusation with, "we have heard of cannibalism but this is an issue of war. There is no civilised war".
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